Nashoba Club Restaurant History:

Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant has been providing delicious homemade pizza to Ayer, MA since 1950. We’ve been in the same building since we opened. 


1900    Building was built

1920    "Herb" Hardy’s Paint Store
1930    Upper hall used as a school; also Grange Dance Hall
1944    Fraternal Order of the Eagles Nashoba Tradesman Association
1950    Nashoba Club owner Harold and Jessica Rakip
1963    Purchased by Russell and Florence Rakip
1976    Purchased by Robert & Muriel Rakip and Robert Jr & Nancy Rakip

In 1950, Harold went to school in New York. He went to P.U. "Pizza University" and brought home the family recipe, which is still in use today!


AYER, MA 01432


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